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“The work [with Synaptiq] is unprecedented in its scale and potential impact,” Mortenson Center’s Managing Director Laura MacDonald MacDonald said. “It ties together our center’s strengths in impact evaluation and sensor deployment to generate evidence that informs development tools, policy, and practice.” 
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    A startup in digital health trained a risk model to open up a robust, precise, and scalable processing pipeline so providers could move faster, and patients could move with confidence after spinal surgery. 
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      Thwart errors, relieve in-take form exhaustion, and build a more accurate data picture for patients in chronic pain? Those who prefer the natural albeit comprehensive path to health and wellness said: sign me up. 
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        Using a dynamic machine vision solution for detecting plaques in the carotid artery and providing care teams with rapid answers, saves lives with early disease detection and monitoring. 
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          This global law firm needed to be fast, adaptive, and provide unrivaled client service under pressure, intelligent automation did just that plus it made time for what matters most: meaningful human interactions. 
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            Mushrooms, Goats, and Machine Learning: What do they all have in common? You may never know unless you get started exploring the fundamentals of Machine Learning with Dr. Tim Oates, Synaptiq's Chief Data Scientist. You can read and visualize his new book in Python, tinker with inputs, and practice machine learning techniques for free. 

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                  Machine Vision in Manufacturing Means Better Quality Control

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                  What is Machine Vision?

                  Machine vision uses sophisticated hardware and artificial intelligence (AI) to “see” by processing visual inputs, like pictures or videos. For example, it can perform surveillance by analyzing security-cam footage and flagging suspicious activity. It can also help a computer “read” and digitize documents or label objects in photos, such as faces. If you have a smartphone with facial recognition capabilities, machine vision is a part of your daily life.

                  Faster, Cheaper, More Accurate Quality Control

                  Manufacturers, especially high-volume manufacturers, face a challenge: How can they ensure product quality with minimal damage to their profit margins? One option is manual quality control. Manufacturers assign employees to the task of checking product quality by hand. This approach is less than ideal—for employers and employees alike. It entails high labor costs, poor ergonomics, and unforgiving quotas.

                  The better solution is machine vision for quality control. Some manufacturers already use machine vision for quality control, including household names such as BMW, Canon, and Audi. They integrate machine vision into their manufacturing lines to detect quality issues faster than by hand, including some too subtle for human eyes.

                  Keeping People in the Picture

                  Machine vision does not eliminate people from the quality control process. Instead, it works alongside human quality controllers. BMW’s Dingolfing plant provides a great example of this collaboration; when machine vision detects quality issues in a vehicle, it alerts the human-staffed final inspection team. These employees then judge whether the alert requires action. In other words, machine vision doesn’t replace human judgment but rather focuses quality controllers on high-value tasks, optimizing their work.


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                  Synaptiq is an AI and data science consultancy based in Portland, Oregon. We collaborate with our clients to develop human-centered products and solutions. We uphold a strong commitment to ethics and innovation. 

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