Synaptiq keeps its AI on people.

We’re not replacing people with AI but helping them understand how to use it.



Build a diverse team to bring different perspectives to bear on solving the problems our customers face. Seize opportunities to bring novel products to market inspired by customer problems.

Why we AI.

We want to raise humanity’s AIQ. It’s not an option anymore. AI is the next state towards which grand problem solving needs to evolve. It is the only natural path forward.


How you can AI. 

We all need to raise our collective AIQ. Find out where you are with yours.

There is data,
and then there is
data maturity.

If you have the former, we can help you find the latter. If you want to be an intrapreneur inside your organization, let us support you in crafting a data strategy with impact.

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We exist to build a better world for future generations through novel applications of machine learning and AI.

You must know your purpose too.

We like to talk about this stuff cause we’re scientists, engineers, architects, creatives, strategists, mathematicians, designers, builders, learners, teachers, and principally, human beings.

Step 2:
We all have big problems to solve.
Let’s talk

Leadership Elements




Stephen Sklarew

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Tim Oates
Chief Data Scientist





Erskine Williams
VP Delivery

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Erik LaBianca
Chief Technology Officer

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Lisa Peacock
VP Brand

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“We believe solving serious challenges, making a real impact, and saving lives are worth every waking moment of our day.”

— everyone that works here.


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We’re humbled by our responsibility to be ethical participants in transformative AI and machine learning projects. You can expect an environment where collaboration flourishes and our work has meaning and long-lasting influence.


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A global reputation for solving the most challenging problems for businesses using

strategic AI solutions isn’t enough

So we’re collaborating and making thoughtful considerations across disciplines while examining past, present, and future models of merit. Our hearts and minds are in this for good.

It's time to solve your big problem.
Let’s onboard you.

The end game is continuously building a better world. We start by helping you understand what we’re doing and what the tech is doing, what works well and what is challenging, so you can grow, lead, and inspire others with your ideas.  

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