You know what's possible with your data + AI.

Next step is getting your team excited, achieving buy-in, and securing budget.

It's go time.


"We had incredible data but we were relatively new to artificial intelligence. Synaptiq showed us the risks of not doing anything and letting the competition pass us by." – Joe Ence, Vasolabs Inc. President 

A fast, simple Proof-of-Concept to look under the hood can show you what you can do.

The Synaptiq approach:

AI is not typical software development. It’s a science experiment. And experiments require open minds and creativity for innovation to happen.  Define scope and timeline carefully – so you have results that demonstrate value, build momentum, and substantiate further investment.

case study bg-06

A simple POC ultimately turned into a patient-ready solution that increases revenue and profitability for Vasolabs.

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Convincing skeptics and securing budget can be a big hurdle. Here's our recommended step-by-step approach.

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