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We Helped a Startup Fight Wildfires with AI & Atmospheric Balloons

Climate Change Fuels Record Wildfires

The 2021 wildfire season scorched 3.6 million acres in the United States. [1] That’s a wake of destruction 39 times the size of Synaptiq’s home base, Portland (OR). Experts expect the 2022 season to be no less destructive. The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) warns that the number of U.S. acres burned this year by wildfires is already 160 percent above the 10-year average, and we're not even halfway through the season. [2]

We Can Use Artificial Intelligence Against Pandemics. Why Stop at COVID-19?

Learning from the Past

In June 2021, six months after the first identified COVID-19 outbreak  [1],...

How Dada & Digital Collage Inspired Our Rebrand

Who's Dada?

Dada is not a person. It was an avant-garde art movement that originated in Switzerland...

Reality-Checking AI Hype: Two More Things You Should Know

Here's the Truth about AI & Data Strategy

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AI in Construction Could be the Key to Pandemic-Proofing our Public Health Infrastructure

We Felt this Pandemic. AI Will Prepare Us for the Next.

We witnessed the consequences of a global...

AI Regulation By The US Government: What Private Companies Should Know

Growing Support for AI Regulation

In the United States, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)...

Three Steps to a Successful Data Strategy

Introducing Data Strategy: What’s the Big Deal?

Market research firm Gartner describes data...

What You Should Know About AI & Sustainability

Green Solutions from Artificial Intelligence

With climate change, pollution, and similar concerns...

Collaborative Intelligence: Leveraging Human-AI Cooperation

What’s Collaborative Intelligence?

You probably encounter artificial intelligence (AI) every day....

How Should My Company Prioritize AIQ™ Capabilities?

Synaptiq created AIQ™, a collection of 11 capabilities shown to help companies succeed with their...