You have a problem to solve, and the data to solve it. 

But you're unsure if you need an off-the-shelf AI tool or a custom AI solution.  

We're here to help you sort that out.


When is a good time to go custom?  When it's too important to fail.

If the problem you're trying to solve is tied to critical business elements or internal processes, never compromise on requirements. Generic software designed for the masses will yield generic results, no matter how talented your team is.

The Synaptiq approach:

We're your strategic thought partners, helping you build a solution with the long-term in mind. We're here to provide guidance and education to your internal teams too – so they can run with it.

case study bg-06

How this global law firm realized they needed a custom solution after trying several packaged tools.

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It's a big decision. How do you navigate solutions and find the right vendor to solve your problem? Questions to ask.

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