When the stakes are high, make sure you get big results. 

"Synaptiq understands the problems and opportunities we face. They team up with our legal, data, and products staff to develop solutions we drive together." – Vince DiMascio, CIO & CTO, BAL

"Synaptiq provided the AI and Machine Vision experience we needed to build truly transformative tech that will get used by consumers, to the benefit of all." – Stephane Mathieu, CEO, DICIO


Why Synaptiq? Because we find proof, first.

Doubling-down and investing in AI is a big deal. Our POC model ensures it's the right move for your organization.  

The Synaptiq approach:

As your trusted partner, we will move mountains to find out what data you have – and what data you could have – to get you to where you need to be.   

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US Foods had us dig into their data to uncover insights. That work illuminated the power of their data – and led to new projects finding new revenue streams. 

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When the stakes are this high, how do you know your vendor is taking the necessary steps to ensure impactful results for your business?

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