The Humankind of AI Podcast

Artificial Intelligence's Impact On Humanity

Our podcast series explores the ways in which AI and machine learning solutions can impact a business' bottom line, but more importantly: humanity's bottom line.

Hosted by our colleague in technology, Nigel Peacock, you'll be able to listen in on conversations with experts in data, AI, machine learning, business, technology, healthcare, and more - as together - we try and find answers to world class riddles. 


Listen here or stream wherever you get your podcasts:

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Latest Episodes

AI in Healthcare: Onboarding Clinicians and Patients to the Future

The Earth passed a population milestone. In November of 2022 the eight billionth person was born, a mere 11 years since we reached seven billion souls occupying the planet. This population growth brings many challenges in caring for a society where the speed of change is exponential. There will...

The Real Forefront of AI? Business & Humanity.

Just when you think the technologists inside your company have done all the work necessary to prepare for AI-led business transformation - think again.

The real forefront of AI might not be what you think. Synaptiq's CEO, Stephen Sklarew, shares his thoughts on why AI is not just an engineering...

Why the Humankind of AI?

We ask Professor Oates, Why the Humankind of AI? "Because at the same time that you are deploying AI for a business, often times, simultaneously, you can be deploying AI for the greater good."

In this episode, you can hear Dr. Tim Oates is proud that his team looks closely at how AI tools will be...

'Ready for AI' Means: You Have A Lot More Ready Than Just Your Data

What does it mean to be 'Ready for AI'? It's more than just having data. In fact, one of the most important things to be 'ready' is your leadership's mindset. Having strategic decision makers that are true enthusiasts, and those who are open to the likely transformative journey that AI may take you...