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We work with companies of all sizes to help identify opportunities for AI and measure company readiness to implement artificial intelligence initiatives. The exercise results in a roadmap for AI using our readiness framework, we call, AIQ™(Artificial Intelligence Quotient).

Our AIQ™scoring algorithm & analysis, helps you visualize where you should invest in AI, what AI technologies might be a good fit - Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision - based on your workflows & data, and how you should budget for AI solutions. Contact us to learn how we can help you both roadmap & achieve your AI goals. Note: Most have AIQ roadmaps in-hand in 4-6 weeks.



Our AIQ Framework

How Should My Company Prioritize AIQ™ Capabilities?



There are eleven AI capabilities of world-class Data and AI organizations.

You don't need to score high in all of them to find success in solving business problems with AI technologies, but there are likely key areas where you need to improve and spend your budget first to tackle priority problems.

We help you determine this through a five-step rapid data strategy process to assess, recommend, and roadmap a path to AI excellence. Our comprehensive approach helps companies fully realize the benefits of AI, while minimizing the risks. We go through a series of Q&A gathering sessions both online & in-person to identify specific needs and objectives, and then tailor your roadmap to meet those needs. And if you like, we can revisit that roadmap with you every year.

It all begins by assessing your organization's maturity in the 11 key AI capabilities.


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Rapid Data Strategy

We evaluate your organization’s AIQ and rapidly deliver an actionable data strategy specifically tailored to your business.

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How Should My Company Prioritize AIQ™ Capabilities?

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