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The Real Forefront of AI? Business & Humanity.

Just when you think the technologists inside your company have done all the work necessary to prepare for AI-led business transformation - think again. The real forefront of AI might not be what you think. Synaptiq's CEO, Stephen Sklarew, shares his thoughts on why AI is not just an engineering challenge, but rather one that requires real humans at the helm - and real humans to understand its value. He is the champion of his company's promise to their customers that they will always be engaging in The Humankind of AI; and believes every company should know both their AIQ score and how their AI solution will impact their business and well, more broadly, humanity.


I think the majority of prospective clients read things online about AI that are overly optimistic and overly tech, so I feel the real forefront of AI is teaching the business people about what AI is and how to use it productively. What I believe a lot of people learn engaging with us is that technology is just one part of the solution.


Our Synaptiq podcast, The Humankind of AI, explores the ways in which AI and machine learning solutions can impact a business' bottom line, but more importantly: humanity's bottom line.

Join us, and our host, Nigel Peacock, as we feature interviews with guest experts in data, AI, machine learning, business, technology, healthcare, and more — and learn how many in the space are attempting to find answers to world class riddles.

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