Having vast amounts of documents and disconnected data, global law firm BAL was ready for AI but needed a custom solution.

9,000 talented new employees will be able to start their new careers at America's leading companies.

Beyond investing in building powerful AI models, we helped DICIO execute on UX, APIs, and overall product architecture.

42 million unbanked citizens of Mexico can establish credit, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a mortgage and ending generational poverty.

Requiring unique site productivity analysis and a dashboard that did not exist in-market, international firm built a custom product.

400,000 US construction managers could run their projects more successfully by improving efficiency, safety, and compliance.
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Needing to avoid disruption and increase scalability, medical diagnostics company required a novel custom solution.

100,000,000 more lives could be saved using rapid C-IMT results devices.

Lacking deep data analytics ability in-house, 200-year-old company invested in forecasting and identifying new revenue streams.

10,000 restaurant owners nationwide can maximize profits and rebound faster from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aiming to prove impact of pedestrian bridges, research group needed machine vision model to count faster – and prove ROI.

33,000 more Rwandans can access healthcare, education, and earn a living again year-round.