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“The work [with Synaptiq] is unprecedented in its scale and potential impact,” Mortenson Center’s Managing Director Laura MacDonald MacDonald said. “It ties together our center’s strengths in impact evaluation and sensor deployment to generate evidence that informs development tools, policy, and practice.” 
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    A startup in digital health trained a risk model to open up a robust, precise, and scalable processing pipeline so providers could move faster, and patients could move with confidence after spinal surgery. 
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      Thwart errors, relieve in-take form exhaustion, and build a more accurate data picture for patients in chronic pain? Those who prefer the natural albeit comprehensive path to health and wellness said: sign me up. 
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        Using a dynamic machine vision solution for detecting plaques in the carotid artery and providing care teams with rapid answers, saves lives with early disease detection and monitoring. 
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          This global law firm needed to be fast, adaptive, and provide unrivaled client service under pressure, intelligent automation did just that plus it made time for what matters most: meaningful human interactions. 
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            Mushrooms, Goats, and Machine Learning: What do they all have in common? You may never know unless you get started exploring the fundamentals of Machine Learning with Dr. Tim Oates, Synaptiq's Chief Data Scientist. You can read and visualize his new book in Python, tinker with inputs, and practice machine learning techniques for free. 

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                  How This Global Law Firm Uses Intelligent Automation to Deliver Exceptional Client Services

                  Want to see results of your own?

                  Learn how custom AI solutions for legal services helped a law firm be fast, adaptive, and provide unparalleled client service under pressure, making time for what matters most: meaningful interactions.


                  Despite a march toward digitization, businesses remain overwhelmed by the need to intake and process physical documents. For many industries, such as legal services, high volumes of data impact client experience due to the time it takes to manually manage and extract relevant information. Vince DiMascio, Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Berry Appleman & Leiden (BAL) set out to solve this problem and improve client service through intelligent automation.

                  What can you learn from AI in legal?

                  Many professional services sectors experience data processing challenges. Synaptiq and BAL worked together to develop a framework that other companies can use to develop their own training models. By customizing the document classification and training stages of this model, any company can leverage a data advantage to improve client service.
                  Build exactly what you need


                  Berry Appleman & Leiden (BAL) set out to solve this problem and improve client service through intelligent automation. Vince DiMascio, CIO & CTO, BAL, heads a team of technologists who re-imagine global mobility and deliver new ways of providing global immigration services. He has over 25 years of experience in transformational change, agile software, and product development. An accomplished technologist with access to skilled internal IT teams, DiMascio nevertheless wanted a partner highly accomplished in and dedicated to a multi-phase artificial intelligence deployment.  


                  In summary, Synaptiq:
                  • Built learning models using machine vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI technologies to accurately classify immigration content
                  • Extracted relevant information
                  • Optimized, packaged, and deployed models behind an API hosted on Amazon AWS


                  Together, DiMascio's team and Synaptiq built the proprietary AI in two phases. The first phase focused on the generation and drafting of various documents. The second phase included the ability to read all documents uploaded to a foreign national's profile and select the necessary supporting documents to be included in a drafted petition. By leveraging the system to classify documents, extract data from these docs and populate specific fields, DiMascio created the capacity for attorneys to focus on higher-value, more complex work for BAL’s clients.
                  9,000 talented new employees will be able to start their new careers at America's leading companies.
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