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AI in Healthcare: Onboarding Clinicians and Patients to the Future

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The Earth passed a population milestone. In November of 2022 the eight billionth person was born, a mere 11 years since we reached seven billion souls occupying the planet. This population growth brings many challenges in caring for a society where the speed of change is exponential. There will never be a shortage of people requiring healthcare, and with the increasing ratio of patients to physicians, AI will be an invaluable tool to assist in research and diagnosis.

Data in healthcare and medicine has the power to turn around lives - making clinical knowledge more precise, predicting disease before it strikes, acting like medicine when used to understand our bodies and even our minds. In this episode, we have an eye opening conversation with Charla Triplett and Jonathan Jesneck; both at the forefront of AI technology and respected thought leaders on the state of AI in healthcare. We discuss not only the possibilities of AI, but the reality that: 

We have to develop [AI] tools that assist humans, because there are just not enough physicians to help.



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