Lisa Peacock

Lisa writes about the intersection of human-centered design on AI and Machine Learning, the power of using your real brand voice, and creativity in business. She likes golden retrievers, singing in the shower, and throws a mean soiree´.

For the love of a data scientist! It’s time. (To start deploying your AI solutions).

Are we comparing our data scientists to God with that title? Not quite. Disrupting an old, informal idiom your exasperated mom might have once used to get your attention? Perhaps. Filling in the blank on our favorite MadLib? Maybe. Being provocative to get you to ask us more AI questions? Definitely. But what is without question, is the ethical responsibility that the data science field will need to demonstrate over the next decade. Our global problems are big. They are on the rise. And everyone needs to be paying attention and saying yes to AI to solve them. It's time.