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Intelligent Document Processing

A Context-Aware Approach to Entity Linking

A technical paper by Veselin Stoyanov and James Mayfield; Tan Xu and Douglas W. Oard; Dawn Lawrie; Tim Oates and Tim Finin. Entity linking refers to the task of assigning mentions in documents to their corresponding knowledge base entities. Entity linking is a central step in knowledge base population. Current entity linking systems do not explicitly model the discourse context in which the communication occurs.

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Connecting Deep Neural Networks with Symbolic Knowledge

Arjun Kumar and Tim Oates Abstract. Neural networks have attracted significant interest in recent years due to their exceptional performance in various domains ranging from natural language processing to image identification and classification. Modern deep neural networks demonstrate state-of-the-art results in complex tasks such as epileptic seizure detection [1] and time series classification [2]. However,…

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Implementing Feedback for Programming by Demonstration

Karan K. Budhraja and Tim Oates Abstract. Agent-based modeling is a paradigm of modeling dynamic systems of interacting agents that are individually governed by specified behavioral rules. Training a model of such agents to produce an emergent behavior by specification of the emergent (as opposed to agent) behavior is easier from a demonstration perspective. Without…

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Automated Cloud Provisioning on AWS using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Zhiguang Wang, Chul Gwon, Tim Oates, Adam Iezzi Abstract. As the use of cloud computing rises, controlling cost becomes increasingly important. Yet there is evidence that 30% – 45% of cloud spend is wasted (Weins 2017). Existing tools for cloud provisioning typically rely on highly trained human experts to specify what to monitor, thresholds for…

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