Update on our COVID-19 AI and data research project


This is the promised update on our COVID-19 AI and data research project. Just over two months ago, Synaptiq organized a few of its data scientists and outside researchers into a voluntary project related to COVID-19 data. We presented our early work in a webcast with Synaptiq partner, Akshay Peshave, and our Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Tim Oates. Nearly 1,000 people have viewed the presentation to date. 

We surveyed these viewers and our network to better understand their interest in the project. Based on the feedback, we made a few changes to our team structure and added additional volunteers and advisors. Synaptiq’s COVID-19 Data Research Project now has volunteers in several different countries and advisors with expertise in epidemiology, policy, and healthcare policy. 

We’re now ready to share the details. 

Team “Karoptiq” 

 The team is leveraging Karotene‘s content based search and discovery models and Synaptiq’s graph embedding model to provide a powerful way to search available Covid-19 research. Users will be able to search using Karotene’s web-based search interface that unifies these models.

Team members include:   

  • Erskine Williams (US)
  • Akshay Peshave (US)
  • Sourav Mukherjee (Canada)
  • Deboeeta Chatterjee (Canada)
  • Christina Riegler (Austria) 

Additional details: 

  • Use natural language search in an intuitive interface which allows researchers’ interaction with the results
  • Current dataset:  CORD-19 (The Covid-19 Open Research Dataset)

Audience: Researchers and scientists working in the field of epidemiology and COVID-19 research and policy.

Team “Vitals”

Engaging machine vision and other cutting edge technology is key to a novel, affordable solution for small businesses to ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety.

Team members include:  

  • Magnus Akesson (US)
  • Christina Riegler (Austria) 
  • Mychael Solis-Wheeler (US)
  • John Marinakis (Greece)
  • Michael Zachary Guterbock (Italy)
  • Nicholas Cohen (US)
  • Ralph Sklarew (US)


  • Identify preventive measures needed for people to feel safe in public again
  • Create an affordable and effective open source platform that even small businesses can use
  • Recruit an open source development team with engineers and data scientists from around the world

Data under consideration:

  • Users’ personal health data and daily observations
  • Health data tracker solutions and systems

Audience: Small businesses, employees, consumers

What’s next: On Thursday, June 25 at 2pm ET,  Erskine Williams, Head of Americas Regional Development at eBay, will moderate a panel with a representative from each team. We are excited to share our progress on these two innovative teams with you over the course of the next few months.

If this article sparked your interest or provoked some thoughts, please feel free to share your ideas with us on COVID-19@synaptiq.ai.