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Chief data scientist

Dr. Tim Oates

As Chief Data Scientist, Tim leads efforts to define, prototype and build machine learning solutions for customers.

Tim has 25 years of experience as a researcher and practitioner in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  He's published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers on topics such as time series analysis, sequence mining, natural language processing, relational and graph mining, medical informatics, and machine vision. He has extensive experience helping businesses extract value from their data, with consulting engagements in industries as varied as publishing, medicine, fraud, and geospatial analysis.

Tim's an Oros Family Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, was a postdoctoral associate in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, and has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Outside of work, Tim's a father of two and an avid runner.