Why Machine Vision

Immense amounts of images and video data are too cumbersome and time-consuming for humans to process.

In many cases, humans don’t have the pixel level detail to identify inferences across assets. Machine vision leverages the latest technology and methods to automatically inspect and analyze visual data so they can be used in inquiries and controls, processes, and other applications reliant on accurate “sight.”

Typical problems

Machine vision takes certain industry tasks to the next level, unlocking new possibilities.

It helps detect anomalies in images otherwise imperceptible to the human eye. It facilitates 24-7 monitoring of places like intersections, security gates, and more. Machine vision can even be used to analyze pixels and algorithms to identify and define patterns.

How we help

Our team of data scientists help by exploring existing images or videos and devising the best approach.

Based on our learnings, we work with our clients to devise a strategy and roadmap. Typically, deploying machine vision begins with a proof of concept and building production ready models. Once we know how machine vision will work in a given industry application, we continue to work with clients to advise on best fit hardware and integration into business workflow.

Who benefits

A variety of industries benefit from deploying machine vision.

Some examples of critical applications include:

    • Healthcare, for example, analyzing tumors in medical images to identify possible cancers
    • Local Government using machine vision for fire detection or to watch intersections
    • Entertainment and hospitality, in casinos, to improve customer service, and more
    • Gaming, including video game text extraction
    • Retail product analysis

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