Why Data Strategy

Data Strategy is vital to every organization.

For clients without Chief Data Scientists, this service is vital to defining the current status vis-a-vis business goals and how data will best support accomplishing the articulated goals. A data strategy also helps with such practicalities as identifying highly valuable data and differentiating between structured and unstructured data sets. Ultimately, a data strategy allows leaders to manage data like assets rather than byproducts of business activity.

Typical problems

All too commonly we encounter companies with compelling AI initiatives that are not tied to business goals or lack clarity into the data needed to fuel these projects.

Sorting through and defining different types of datasets underpins a good data strategy, defining how a particularly company or project will benefit from a particular AI solution. Typically, growing pains, organizational changes, or leadership changes necessitate organizations to create or revisit data strategies.

How we help

As a part of every engagement, we look at the data sets relevant to our AI project to ensure they are accessible.

Sometimes we do light reorganization with our clients before moving forward. And sometimes our clients need us to go a step beyond. In these cases, our team of data scientists will partner with chief information and product officers to architect usable, shareable, moveable data sets before we engage in a project that leverages these powerful assets. Our approach to data strategy allows clients to take an iterative, evolutionary approach.

Who benefits?

Companies of every size and age, regardless of industry, benefit from having a data strategy.

The type of strategy depends on the amount and type of data; older companies with legacy data or that are undergoing an organizational change often need these services most. Young companies building products that rely on compiling data need to focus on data strategy from the get-go. Learn more!

Large farms, such as this vast corn field, represent how data strategy benefits agriculture

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