We provide information, technology, and product officers with strategic AI services they need to propel success and drive invention.


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business objectives tied to each project so initiatives stay tightly focused on clear end goals.


data with best practices as we access, move, and transform it into a fresh, mineable format.


data, running statistical functions on data columns or variables and applying the appropriate AI approach.
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underlying patterns and relationships using histograms, frequency diagrams, and correlation techniques.


using a supervised or unsupervised approach, tweaking parameters to answer identified questions.


and integrate models into products or applications while taking into account optimal outputs.

Access to a team of data scientists and business-driven AI experts

Data fuels every AI solution. To tap data properly requires a PhD-level data scientist. But not every company needs or wants an in-house resource with this expertise. That’s where we can help. Each engagement is led by one of our 16 data scientists, six of whom have PhDs. These researchers are adept at scoping technical architecture but always remain focused on the unique business goals of each client. This critical combination of abilities allows us to deliver proven value to our clients.

We take a consultative, strategic approach to partnering with each client, tailoring solutions to best meet their needs. We are here to make sure every company, regardless of size or industry, can leverage the unbeatable advantages artificial intelligence can bring to problem solving.

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