From Affect to Effect, Unlocking the Power of Emotion AI

Scott Sandland,  •  David Van Wie, Aventurine  •  Tim Oates, Synaptiq

Jul 29 2020  |  49 mins

One of the more difficult aspects of AI is understanding or expressing human emotion. Some industries, from advertising, to mental healthcare, to automotive — to name a few — already leverage this technology to great effect. Can emotion AI transform some aspects of your business or product?

Data Scientists Dig into COVID-19 Data - Updates

Erskine Williams, Head of Americas Regional Development at eBay

Jun 25 2020  |  53 mins

In March, Synaptiq organized a few of its data scientists and outside researchers into a voluntary project related to COVID-19 data. We presented our early work in a webcast that now has nearly 1,000 views. We surveyed these viewers and our network to better understand their interest in the project. Based on the feedback, we made a few changes to our team structure and added additional volunteers and advisors.

The Future of AI in Healthcare Diagnostics

John P Alderete, PhD, President, Folium BioMed  •  Brad Schmidt, PhD, CEO, Panaxium  •  Jonathan Merril, MD, CEO, epitopeRX

Jun 16 2020  |  69 mins

Medicine is data-rich and relies heavily on “knowledge workers” (in other words: a highly educated and specialized class of professionals) to deliver optimal results. AI will help bring about personalized and highly effective healthcare programs administered by doctors who can go back to the business of patient care. In essence, AI will be used to fill gaps humans cannot fill leaving humans to do what we do best. In particular, AI promises to drastically improve outcomes in healthcare diagnostics and treatment.

Delivering Virtual Patient Care in a Post-Pandemic World

Milton Chen, CEO at  •  Michael Chen, MD and CTO of HIE of One  •  Stephen Sklarew, CEO at Synaptiq

May 27 2020  |  62 mins

Embracing telemedicine: Practical and profitable considerations.
Tackling the ultimate healthcare data challenge: Accessible and private patient records.

Leveraging AI to supercharge healthcare technology: What’s possible today.

Enabling a Remote Workforce with Intelligent Automation

Vince DiMascio, CIO & CTO, Berry Appleman & Leiden and Portia Roberts, Head of Marketing, Synaptiq

May 6 2020  |  45 mins

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP (BAL) embarked on a journey to improve client experience and efficiencies using intelligent automation (IA). This positioned BAL to quickly institute work-from-home across their organization with little disruption.

Innovation within Financial Services in a Time of Pandemic

Stephane Mathieu, CEO, DICIO  •  Kelley Weaver, CEO, Melrose PR  •  Tim Oates, PhD, Chief Data Scientist, Synaptiq

Apr 23 2020  |  84 mins

Financial services often lead the adoption of emerging technologies. How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted innovation and what can we learn?

Four Data Scientists Dig into Covid-19 Data

Tim Oates, PhD, Chief Data Scientist, Synaptiq

Apr 7 2020  |  54 mins

Sometimes looking at data the right way helps solve hard problems. Synaptiq’s data scientists wanted to do their part in helping shed light on the Covid-19 pandemic. Join us to unpack what our team learned after analyzing all available public data on the novel coronavirus, Covid-19.

Using Data to Transform Business Strategy

Grey Montgomery, President of Data and Research, Farm Journal  •  Portia Roberts, Head of Marketing, Synaptiq

Mar 25 2020  |  45 mins

Data strategy and data science are at the heart of any innovation using artificial intelligence. With nearly 150 years serving the agriculture market, Farm Journal had an invaluable wealth of industry knowledge. Grey Montgomery, Farm Journal’s President of Data and Research, wanted a data strategy that would spark innovation and serve as a roadmap to construct an expansive, trusted data asset for employees and clients.