Stephen Sklarew, Tim Oates, PhD

Since the dawn of commercial software, product and technology leaders have sought the right balance between research and development and when to launch new products to market. Too much research stymies their ability to get to market fast. Too little research and they often miss the mark; their first mover advantage becomes a disappointment.

With the advent of the Internet, easy access to large volumes of data, and mainstreaming of AI technologies, the speed of innovation and the resulting competition have increased exponentially. The barrier to entry is lower than it’s ever been thanks to the endless information available at every connected person’s fingertips.

Around the world large corporations, startups, and everything in between are playing a real-world game of Survivor. They’re optimizing their operations to identify revolutionary ideas and prove product-market fit as fast as possible to accelerate growth and get ahead of competition. Large corporations may have more resources; but, they carry a heavy burden of old-school behaviors that stifle rapid change. Startups often move faster but they are forced to figure out how to do more for much less or they run out of cash and wither in the dust.

With all these pressures on software product companies, it’s not surprising that agile and lean methodologies are such hot topics. What many of us practitioners have realized is that there is no one process that works for every organization. And, different processes are more effective for different software product efforts….

This paper looks at a brief tour of AI Fails, some of our key challenges, strategies, the involvement of humans, methods, models, and communications.

Complete white paper available as a PDF.

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