Office Hours is a retainer-based artificial intelligence advisory service. You pay upfront for a fixed number of hours in a set 30-day period. If you need additional hours, we discuss whether a second Office Hours agreement or another type of project will best meet your needs.  


Synaptiq supplies one or more data scientist consultants with expertise in the given area to work with you. The following activities are great candidates for an Office Hours approach:

  • Guiding approach to solve particular problems including algorithms to try, pre or post processing, labelling, featurization, or recommended software or hardware
  • Reviewing existing data, code, and models and providing feedback
  • Providing recommendations and guidance on how to improve results
  • Delivering real-time, applied Machine Learning, NLP, Machine Vision, or Deep Learning education

Our data scientist will help you by providing expert advice but will not be responsible for any specific deliverables, software, or client project timelines. A “fractional” project coordinator will be available to you to  handle scheduling, logistics, and budget tracking. 

When you’re ready, please fill out the form below. We will contact you immediately to set you up with your advisory service and connect you to our data science team.


This order form is incorporated into, forms a part of, and is in all respects subject to the Office Hours Services Agreement between Focused Diversity, LCC dba Synaptiq and the business or individual identified below. When submitting this form, you must agree to our terms and conditions

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