Harnessing the potential of AI for our clients demands more than the requisite expertise in business and data science. The core tenets of our purpose-built, impactful service offerings are integrity, generosity, ingenuity, and accountability. 



Our Purpose

At Synaptiq we are building a better world for future generations through novel applications of Artificial Intelligence.This requires bold creativity, intellectual curiosity, passion for improving lives, and the audacity to believe we can solve problems previously thought to be impossible.

We recognize that AI will continue to revolutionize the world in which we live, and we are humbled by our responsibility to be ethical participants. We are committed to building an environment where collaboration flourishes and our work has meaning and long-lasting impact.

Our Values

We are as fun-loving, generous, and kind, as we are direct and honest.

We are inclusive; embracing other cultures, customs, and experiences brings out the best in us and allows us to achieve our greatest potential as a team.

We value ingenuity, integrity, and accountability, and these qualities are ever-present in all of our interactions with our colleagues, partners, and clients.

A zeal for learning drives our team to constantly challenge our thinking.

We cultivate an environment where curiosity and exploration are highly valued, and we celebrate breakthroughs.


Our consultants are curious and thrive on change. Our team knows technology isn’t a solution to everything, but we know our stuff. We are resourceful and always learning, informed yet nimble enough to adapt to new concepts and ideas.

Innovation is in everyone’s DNA at Synaptiq. If we aren’t discussing new ideas with customers, then we’re ideating new ways to run projects, build products, and make ourselves smarter. These are some of the technologies our consultants use to deliver AI services to our clients: