How We Worked with DICIO to Build Powerful and Proprietary Identity Security

When targeted by cybercriminals, simple passwords often fail to protect personally identifiable and payment information. Stephane Mathieu, the CEO of DICIO, and his team set out to innovate identity security in Mexico and globally by building a crypto-identity service for secure, compliant, and easy banking. They set out to build a “Crypto Facekey” platform to encrypt the banking cycle beginning with enrollment.

Mathieu wanted best-in-class technology that his team would own and integrate into a platform for financial services companies. He sought out an experienced partner to build the necessary artificial intelligence (AI) machine vision engine and advise DICIO in developing the proprietary technology underlying “Crypto Facekey.”

Many people claim they have seen UFOs but it’s difficult to obtain unequivocal evidence. In the same way, it’s difficult to identify useful and successful implementations of emerging technologies, from AI to Blockchain to Image Processing. The real-deals are built by unequivocally experienced technologists. The data scientists at Synaptiq provided the AI and Machine Vision experience we needed to build truly transformative tech that will get used by consumers, to the benefit of all.

~ Stephane Mathieu, CEO, DICIO

Synaptiq helped DICIO achieve its goals by:

  1. Providing a machine learning approach.
  2. Training machine vision models using additional data to tune and refine outputs.
  3. Integrating the models into version one of the application.
  4. Advising on recommendations for improved accuracy and continued learning.