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Three Ways that Sentiment Analysis Benefits Business

In a broad sense, sentiment analysis means using machines to gauge public, demographic, group, or individual sentiment (hence the name) toward a particular thing, whether that be a product, person, or advertisement. An AI model will intake a set of consumer-generated information — such as reviews on the newest iPhone or ‘tweets’ to the President’s Twitter account — and return the emotions expressed within that content.

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How Businesses Can Ride the AI Wave to Modernization

Leveraging machine learning for your business Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a technology staple across industries. According to Gartner, “AI adoption has tripled in the past year [2019-2020], and [it is] a top priority for CIOs.” Forward-looking business leaders have noticed that machine learning presents a significant streamlining advantage in areas such as…

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Cut Costs by Outsourcing AI Development

Cut costs by outsourcing AI development Introduction How can you cut the cost of deploying artificial intelligence (AI) for your business — without sacrificing quality? A skilled, full-time data scientist salary will cost your company at least $200,000 per year (factoring in base salary, payroll tax, workers’ compensation, insurance, and other expenses). And that staggering…

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AI Should Still be Left to the Experts

And at the moment, those experts come from academia. There’s a misguided assumption that AI is data science. It’s not (although data is the fuel). To truly understand the complexities of these algorithmic models and to customize them to your business needs, you need someone trained at the forefront of machine learning and AI. Every…

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