Due Diligence of Mobile App Machine Learning Technology

Due Diligence of Mobile App Machine Learning Technology



The Problem

A leading market research firm was hired to perform due diligence on an intelligent mobile app company. The firm hired Synaptiq to evaluate the machine learning technology in the mobile app.

The Solution

Synaptiq conducted an extensive review of patents held by the company as well as prior art, compared that to state-of-the-art approaches in the current scientific literature, and produced a detailed comparative and evaluative report.  That report situated the company’s IP with respect to the rest of the field, and explained what the barriers are to another company trying to overtake their position in the market.  

Synaptiq conducted interviews with all key technical personnel to assess their competence in the relevant technologies running the gamut from user interface design to back-end development to machine learning.

The Results

Synaptiq’s findings were incorporated into an overall due diligence document to determine the company’s valuation.