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Data Organization & Ethics

Data Governance is an overarching framework of processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information, enabling an organization to achieve its data-driven goals while respecting compliance and privacy demands.

Why does Data Organization & Ethics matter?

For data-focused companies, data and ethics are focused areas represented in the organizational structure of the company.

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Established culture, roles, workforce education, systems, and processes to promote data ethics as a core component within the organization to prevent harm and misuse of data across the data lifecycle.

My organization has an open forum for discussing and defining processes and policies around data ethics.

Data Ethics encompasses: ownership, transparency, privacy, intention, outcomes. Anyone with a role that includes using data in reporting, marketing, machine-learning algorithms or other business functions, needs to consider the possibility of violations occurring in any one of these five key data ethics principles.

My organization actively considers privacy and ethical implications of any analytical process that draws on data collected from people.


Defined org structure, vision, objectives, roles, and champions to support the management and use of data across its lifecycle within the organization.

My organization has a defined and communicated organization structure for everyone involved in data.

Organizational structure provides visibility to all employees by laying out the official reporting relationships that govern the workflow of the company. The structure may be centralized or decentralized (often in the form of a "center of excellence").

My organization has an executive sponsor charged with ensuring data and data literacy is a priority.

Data literacy encompasses the competencies required to successfully work with data. Without a baseline data literacy it is very difficult to stay competitive.

My organization has a defined data charter, data vision, data objectives and key results, and a dashboard for tracking key performance indicators.

A charter, specific to data, helps an organization define scope (both initial scope of data potential and as it grows), data activities, and data goals. It can also help to inform others in the organization about the importance of data and how they benefit from it.

My organization has a standard set of modern, analytical tools employees use.

Tools for working with data range from spreadsheets to statistical analysis software. By standardizing tools for data, it's much easier for an organization to effectively train its workforce.

My organization has a product or operational owner for internal and external applications.

To execute on a holistic data strategy there needs to be one or more business persons responsible for managing and improving processes for internal staff and customer experiences.

Performance Management

Actively support the development of workforce knowledge and skills on the use of data within the organization.

My organization has career tracks including skills and responsibilities and role progression for all roles involved in data.

Typically a career involves a growth path which takes an individual to a higher position in the organizational hierarchy over a period of time. A career track is a document that outlines the entire progression of a career so that staff know what they need to get to the next level. Career tracks are also the basis for job profiles and identifying training opportunities.

My organization considers data to be a core competency and actively educates employees on data literacy.

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