We wanted to share some exciting news about our new AI thought leadership program. Since our founding in 2017, we have partnered with over 50 clients to deliver AI, data science, and data engineering services. Given the rapidity of change in this space, it’s important visionaries and thought leaders share ideas and stories about the practical application of artificial intelligence. As leaders in this space ourselves, we decided to create that program.

Our thought leadership campaign will be comprised of several components: blogs, technical white papers, and webcasts on BrightTALK. These different channels will allow us to cover a wide variety of topics from different angles and by different thought leaders. So what can you expect?

Key technical topics we will cover:

  • Data Strategy
  • Machine Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Smart Content, Documents, and Taxonomy
  • Custom Recommender Systems
  • Graph Data Embeddings
  • Data Engineering, and more!

We will look at these topics from both a technical and a business perspective. We will also publish thought leadership related to the challenges, successes, and processes involved in the deployment of emerging technology. Our speakers and authors will come from our extensive network of partners, current and former clients, and our own team of data scientists and consultants.

Who should pay attention to this thought leadership program?

  • CEOs, particularly of small and mid-sized companies looking for new business and product strategies to help differentiate their companies
  • CTOs looking to learn from their peers
  • Product developers interested in incorporating AI but who may not have the team or skills to do so
  • CIOs and other IT professionals seeking to automate or innovate internal systems

What kind of a schedule can you expect?

We will publish case studies, technical papers, and blogs as available and appropriate. In the first and second quarter of 2020, we will host live webcasts on a bi-monthly basis. In the later part of the year, we expect to offer weekly webcasts.

If you have ideas you would like to share or see us cover, we invite you to send us a message. If you are a partner or client, we invite you contact us about joining our program. We also invite you to sign up to receive emails from time-to-time as we publish new content and webcasts.

We look forward to staying in touch with you through this exciting new AI thought leadership program and hope you enjoy reading and watching as much as we enjoy producing these publications and talks!