As a recent op-ed in the Hill points out, there has been a marked rise in public interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. Questions are being raised from the philosophical to the political: Can we create sentient AI? Can robots replace humans? Is the U.S. capable of winning an AI race against other world powers? Bottom line, with all that attention comes a lot of “noise” about AI.

It’s not all hype. AI in the right context is transformative. But the questions we care about, the questions our clients ask, are practical. How can AI help streamline a given business process? Will AI in a particular application propel me ahead of the competition?

The business problems we help solve vary as much as the different kinds of businesses we work with. As a consequence, we believe creativity is the most important quality necessary for harnessing AI in the application of business

We have quite a few case studies (and more coming) with examples of how different clients have used AI and machine learning to improve their business.

And this last week’s news about AI offers yet another glimpse at the diversity of AI applications in industry:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Sniffs Out Unsafe Foods: Consumers stay better informed. Food producers stay ahead of recalls. How? By training algorithms to differentiate Amazon reviews, researchers created a (fairly accurate) method of predicting FDA recalls. Better safe than sorry!

  2. 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming CRMs: How many business leaders struggle to make sense of poor data entry from their sales teams? It’s hard to blame the revenue generating team on the front lines. Instead, savvy businesses are leveraging machine learning and AI to improve CRM adoption.

  3. How Fintechs Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence: The Fintech industry often spearheads tech innovation. In the case of AI, there’s a lot of resistance in its application for consumer-facing products. But that may not be the best place to start innovating for big wins. This article offers great insight for Fintech — and frankly Chief Information Officers within any industry — looking to innovate.

In addition to creativity, transforming AI into unique solutions for forward-looking CIOs requires resources with expertise in data science and a profound academic understanding of AI in combination with business acumen. For this reason, and for reasons outlined in a previous blog post, AI has faced fits and starts in its adoption in the business world. It’s our mission to help.

As experts and consultants implementing the latest artificial intelligence solutions for businesses, we face the daunting challenge of breaking through the AI-buzz and thinking creatively with our clients. Future speculation aside, artificial intelligence and machine learning can innovate businesses in practical and meaningful ways today. Contact us to set up an exploratory call or read more about our services below.