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Machine learning powered solutions that maximize revenue and reduce operational expenses

Synaptiq helps you unleash powerful and actionable insights from your data that will have a significant impact on your business. Whether you're interested in growing revenue or managing operational expenses, we have solutions and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our Solutions

Predictive maintenance and analytics

Predicting the future isn’t fantasy anymore. Synaptiq uses deep data exploration coupled with domain knowledge and careful algorithm selection to discover trends in your existing data.  By devoting time to your data and domain experts, we discover insights that enable predictive maintenance and process optimization.


adaptive automation

Automating a manual process is easy, but smart, flexible automation can be a different story.  Synaptiq has built machine learning-based solutions to automate processes that continue to learn, adapt, and deliver increasingly better results over time.

smart recommendations

Showing your customers exactly what they expect can be tough.  Synaptiq digs deep into your data and business goals to identify patterns and build focused models that deliver high quality, personalized recommendations to every user.



Synaptiq combines big data engineering and machine learning with functional business know-how to solve your unique business challenges- fast.  Whether your data is trapped in spreadsheets or up in the cloud, Synaptiq rapidly uncovers insights from your data and equips you to deliver the business results you need.


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Businesses aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why should our solutions be? We pride ourselves in applying machine learning to solve unique business challenges.  Let's talk about how Synaptiq can help you.

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